Express Car Wash in Reno NV


Choose from any of our 3 express car wash options. We recommend our Works wash package to add brilliant shine and protection all month long.

  • Express Works Wash

    Single $21

    Includes Super Wash Plus
    • All Cleaning Solutions & Processes
    • Body Rinse Agent
    • Body Shine Sealer
    • Rain Repel
    • Buff N Dry
    X3 Ceramic Coating

    $ 35 Mo

  • Express Super Wash

    Single $19

    Includes Basic Wash Plus
    • Added Cleaning Solutions
    • Under body Flush With Rust Inhibitor
    • Exterior Fragrance
    • Tire Dressing
    • Triple Coat Foam & Foam Wax Protection

    $29 Mo

  • Express Basic Wash


    Single $7

    • Bug Prep
    • Light Wash
    • Spot Free Rinse
    • Dry
    • Free Vacuum

Terms & Conditions
You agree to receive one (1) month of unlimited washing for the wash you selected. This unlimited price is guaranteed thru December 2024.
You can cancel at any time online through the Plan Portal. If you cancel your membership, your plan will continue to be valid until your renewal date. Your credit card will not be re-charged. There are no refunds.
Please wash as often as you want. It's Unlimited Washing.

Express Car Wash in Reno NV

Protection for your investment in every season

Express Car Wash in Reno NV

One low monthly payment

Express Car Wash in Reno NV

Manage your account online

Express Car Wash in Reno NV

Zero contracts

Express Car Wash in Reno NV

Exclusive member benefits

Express Car Wash in Reno NV

Your wash pays for itself in less than two washes


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